Sunday, March 17, 2013

3rd Meeting March 16, 2012

Happy National Quilt Day!  WNYMQG Celebrated it by getting together for their 3rd meeting!  We still don't have a "Secretary" on our Executive Board so it looks like you will have to put up with my version of events.  Enjoy...

Minutes - March 16, 2012

1.  Call to Order.
Finished product
    • We started off with true inspiration at this month's meeting by drooling admiring Karie's gorgeous finished quilt.  Pattern by Zen Chic.  Read more about Karie's quilt here!  See more pics of it via our Flickr page.
    • Maybe we should start every meeting with a little show and tell as it really did wonders to get us into Fiber Talk right off the bat?  Thoughts?
    2. Roll Call.
    • Stephanie (obviously, we invaded her house!)
    • Rebecca
    • Karie
    • Anne
    • Bonnie
    3. Officer reports.
    • Rebecca (President) reports about *Mother* Modern Quilt Guild's recent announcements.  Very big news.  
      • WATCH THIS WEBINAR!  The Gist?  To officially join MQG we need to pay dues and establish By-laws and elect an Executive Board.  Currently we qualify as a beginning guild.  
      • New rollout begins in July 2013 and final decisions need to be made by December 2013.
      • Because we are currently considered a "beginning guild" we can see how things go and reassess in July.  The 5 members who voted at the meeting are still interested in giving the MQG a go and believe we have not exhausted all of our options in spreading the word about WNYMQG!
    • Rebecca (President) discusses By-laws versus Exec Board Rules.  Will finalize by-laws unless hears other feedback.  we can always amend...
    • Karie (Vice President)
      • Business Cards!!!  Going to create business cards and get the word out there about WNYMQG by sharing them with likely shops and interested fabric lovers.  
      • Karie designed the cards and we voted unanimously on their approval.
    • Stephanie (Treasurer) will begin a Paypal account in order for us to begin collecting dues which will pay for business cards and miscellaneous admin costs
    4. Miscellanous Discussions.

    New Goals for Next Time
    • Rebecca to reach out to Ithaca and Rochester Presidents
    • Karie to get cards printed
    • Stephanie to open Paypal and collect dues from members
    • Everyone to spread the word of WNYMQG
    • Everyone to consider meeting location for future meetings (leave comments below)
    5. Show and Tell.
    • I didn't have my camera!  Stephanie, Anne and Bonnie - if you have pics of your project please post on Flickr or email to me so that I can share!!!
    • The Flight Across was my share.  I finished the quilt top in October 2011 and never finished, I am afraid to mess up the quilting and realized the extra wide Ruby Star Spring Bee backing fabric I bought was too small.  Everyone helped me realized I could just piece the backing!   
      • After reading my design notes I am pretty sure the goal was One Solid Backing Piece, but there's nothing like a 1 1/2 year break from your original game plan to provide some flexibility.  Thank you for your feedback Karie, Anne, Stephanie and Bonnie!
    The Flight Across
    6. Special Orders.
    • Membership:  How to get the word out.  What qualifies as "membership."
      • Utilize business cards
      • Discussed Facebook, confusion over Page versus Closed Group.  Going to continue using Facebook as it is good advertising but will also rely on blog.  
      • Dues - we will be paying dues.
      • Member = Modern Quilter + Dues in Good Order + has displayed commitment by regular meeting attendance
    • Next Meeting
      • April 27th after the Jacquie Gering event @ 5:30ish somewhere in West Seneca?
      • Suggestions of where to meet welcome! (I vote for someplace I can grab dinner!)
    7. Adjourn.

    If you have comments, questions, or remarks please leave a comment!  People interested in membership should email WNYMQG to learn more.

    WNYMQG President