Western New York Modern Quilt Guild FAQs

General:  Thanks for your interest in the Western New York Modern Quilt Guild!  We are a modern quilting group based in the Buffalo, NY area.  

Meetings: You will find a calendar for upcoming meetings and events on the righthand side of this page.

Membership: As per our Guild Bylaws, membership is available upon the completion of a membership application, payment of dues, and attendance of at least two meetings.  Once you are a complete member of our guild you will automatically become a member of The Modern Quilt Guild (MQG).  As a member of the MQG you will be entitled to benefits such as discounted rates, early access to events, and sponsored fabric challenges!

2014 Executive Board
President - Rebecca 
Vice President/Treasurer - Stephanie
Vice President - Anne
Secretary - Marija

Questions?:  Leave a comment below or contact us by Email or on Facebook

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  1. Hi there Ladies,
    I enjoyed meeting you all at your November meeting at Patchwork Garden. I have been waiting to attend your January meeting but cannot find any info. What has happened?
    Georgia McDonald