Monday, October 26, 2015

October Meeting Minutes

10/17/15 Meeting @ Eden Library
Attended by:  Lisa, Robi, Gayle, Deb, Noel, and Kim

We had a brief meeting due to low attendance, but wanted to announce the following:

11/7 - Saturday for the Keenan Quilt Show - 
A carpool will begin from Lisa's house in Orchard Park for anyone wanting to attend as a group.
We will leave Lisa's house @ 10:00 am.  I will post on the members page so we can get a count of who would like to carpool.

Future meetings we will be having @ Library with every other month at a local quilt shop.  We may not be continuing with Eden Library.  Lisa will work out a schedule.

November meeting will be held 11/14 (2nd Saturday) instead of third Saturday .  This is a one time meeting date change - and it will be held @ Patchtwork Gardens

September Meeting Minutes

​September 19, 2015 Meeting
Present:  Lisa, Kim, Jan, Sharon, Pam, Bonnie, Devon, Gayle, Anne, Marija

Our yearly meetings will now be from September thru May - with no official meetings in the Summer due to everyone's busy schedules.  If anyone would like to put something together during the summer, such as shop hop, lunch date, etc.  feel free to announce on the members page & arrange the plans!

Lisa requested a backup VP be appointed in case of her absence and/or to assist.  Bonnie & Jan volunteered.

Christmas Party:
Will be held @ Robi's new home - 12/19/2015 @ 1pm.  Lisa will ask Robi to set up a facebook event and have it include sign up for food.
This years gift exchange (managed thru Elfster) will be an item of your choice, 8-1/2 x 11 " or smaller, such as pouch, pin cushion, mug rug, etc.

NYS Consortium:
Jan will not be attending the next meeting as it is in Utica.  Dues need to be paid by end of October.
They are having a challenge - "lines and angles" - deadline is 1/31/16 - Jan will email info to anyone interested.  Contact Jan for more info.
6/15 - 6/18/2016 there is a Quilt Conference in Toronto - "Canadian Quilter"

We would like to have a resource directory.  If you have a favorite place to shop, store or website - favorite items & good places to get them etc - please share in our resource directory.  Kim will set up in WNYMQG Members Page - under FILES.

Anne Anderson:
Her studio is no longer @ Buffalo Art Studio.
New location is 80 Clinton Street - Tonawanda.  There is no elevator & on 2nd floor.  This is an old school that has been converted into studios, and she has a full size classroom with a sink!!
She has offered to host meetings and/or sew days for us.

Batavia Guild Meeting: (April 2016)
The have advised us the only equipment they have is a large screen & microphone.  Decision was made by those in attendance that we will do an informal trunk show & talk - no equipment needed.​  We will need everyone to submit modern quilt examples so there is a good variety for the trunk show.

Keenan Quilt Show - 11/6 - 11/8/15
Entries are due soon - Lisa will contact them for more info/details

Charity Quilt -
Pam collected "plus" blocks from those participating.
Blocks still due from Robi, Mari, & Lisa
Anne will assemble the quilt top once all blocks are in, Gayle will do backing, and Jan will do binding.

Maine Fiber College 2016
Weekend after Labor Day - Anne will put together info for us.  There is a bunkhouse that can be shared for $20/night..and carpooling is an option/sharing campers etc.
Anne is going - Kim is also going.   

Pam did demonstration on her creative quilt label process.  Videos are on the facebook page.
October Demo - Marija will do hand applique demo.
Future Demos - will discuss @ October meeting for demos/lectures,presentations etc. for the rest of year.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

August Bee Block - Bonnie

Block #1 - Japanese x and + Block

  • all pieces are precut
  • Use tutorial here but ignore sizes
  • just assemble - no need to trim or square up
Block #2 - Your Choice
  • any size
  • kona charcoal backgroud
  • bright solids

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

June Bee Block - Lisa

We will be doing 2 different blocks for Lisa's month - one 15" block and one 9" block. I did not get a digital copy of the instructions so I am showing screen shots here, but you will be given printed instructions with your fabrics.

(Side note everyone: please try to remember to also submit digital instructions so I can post them here and they are easy for folks not in the bee to follow as well if they'd like!)

Ladies, a reminder. If you are not at the meeting to hand your blocks in, you must find a way to get your blocks to the queen by that week, be it dropping them off or putting them in the mail or whatever. You should not be hanging onto your blocks because you can not make it to a meeting, unless you have contacted the queen and worked it out with her.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May Bee Block - Robi

This month we are helping Robi on her quest to make a quilt with all 100 blocks from the Tula Pink City Sampler book with her Kaffe scraps! She has cut the pieces and put together kits for everyone and is requesting a siggy block be turned in as well. Piece of cake!
(Also, please note that you must return the instructions for the block to Robi. If you would like instructions to keep then you've gotta buy the book for yourself. We're all about protecting an artists intellectual property here, folks!)

Saturday, April 18, 2015

April Bee Block - Stephanie

This month we are doing No Waste Flying Geese and half square triangles!

You will use the fabric in your packets to make make strips of geese to finish a table runner for my new dining room that I started ages ago! In your packets you will receive enough to make 5 or 6 strips of 4 geese each, which is the equivalent of a 12" block.  Fabrics are all cut and sorted, and one or two might even be started (lucky you!)

Because the fabrics are pre-cut it is really important that you use this tutorial in order to make sure the sizes match up with whats already done.

Once you get your four geese, sew them all together in a strip, going in the same direction. Lather, rinse, repeat with the rest of your groups of fabric, and you're all done! You will be turning in 5 or 6 strips of geese. With all geese in the strip matching. 

For your second block, you will be making a 12.5" block of any size half square triangles. You may use any scrappy fabrics you want in white, black, gray, mint, and coral. You may use all prints, or prints and solids, any fabric you like in this color scheme, appropriate for a older teenage girl. You can use all of the colors or just a couple, its your call. That is my only criteria for this block, so have at it!

As for a siggy block, you can make anything you want, as long as it is 5.5" and you sign it with a permanent fabric marker (no Sharpies please!). I have no preference what you do and what fabrics you use!

*5 or 6 strips of geese with fabric groups provided, that is the equivalent of 1 block not sewn together
*1 block thats 12.5" of half sq traingles in white, black, gray, mint, and coral
*siggy block - anything 5.5" in any fabrics

If you will be at the Kenan lecture on 5/14 you can turn it into me there. Otherwise turn it in to Lisa at 5/16 meeting, or you can drop it in the mail to me if you won't be at any May events.