Sunday, November 23, 2014

November Meeting Minutes

November 2014 Meeting

  • Call to order.
  • Roll call.
    • Sign-in
  • Review of Minutes from  Last Meeting
    • In October Meeting nominated New Board Members.  The New Board now consists of the following members...
      • Rebecca (7/13)
      • Stef (7/13)
      • Anne (7/13)
      • Marija (1/14)
      • Kim (10/14)
      • Jan (10/14)
      • Lisa (10/14)
      • Victoria (10/14)
      • Sharon (10/14)
      • Noel (10/14)
      • Robi (10/14)
      • Pam (11/14)
    • Board members hold a 3 year term.  (WNYMQG Bylaws 3.3)
    • Quorum = Majority 
      • The majority of the Board Members is needed to pass new business.  This will require 7 members of the board being present at a meeting to conduct new business. 
  • Officers reports.
    • Nominations from New Board to Create the 2015-2017 Exec Board
      • President: Lisa 
      • Treasurer: Victoria 
      • Secretary: Kim 
      • VP of Charities: Pam
      • VP of Events: Stephanie
      • VP of Communications: Rebecca
    • To learn more about the roles of the Executive Board and the rules of the Guild please see the bylaws here.
  • Challenges facing WNYMQG
    • Membership Issues
      • Do we want to continue requiring meeting attendance, what does meeting attendance requirements accomplish for us as a group?  Some people are in favor of doing away with meeting attendance requirements.  [We currently require 2 meetings and then payment of dues before becoming a member.]  Others voiced a concern that coming to meetings where no one attends is discouraging and the attendance requirement encourages participation.  One member suggested that we have tiers of membership based on a member's commitment to attending events/meetings.  Nothing was decided at this meeting regarding this was simply brought up as an issue to be considered for the new Exec Board.  
      • Longevity —> NYS Non-Profit.  This came up in the context of whether it is worth staying with the MQG.  Or do we want to branch off and become our own group?  Do we want to be a Guild or a Social Group.  The Board Members are continuing this discussion via email prior to the December meeting.
      • Tax Issues --> Still taking our cues from the MQG.
  • Updates on Bee.
    • November Month is Robi!
    • 2014 Fall - Winter 185
      • If you need fabric from Robi please contact her via email or Facebook.
    • Prior Queen Bees tried to identify who else they needed blocks from.  If you haven't received blocks from everyone please let them know.
      • If the Queen is at a meeting and you are not it is Your Obligation to figure out how to get fabric from/to them.
      • If the Queen is not at the meeting is up to her to figure out how to get blocks from or fabric to people.
      • Do not expect the Queen to pay postage to provide you with fabric if you don't attend the meeting.  And Queens do not expect people to mail to you if you aren't going to attend the meeting.  
      • This Bee is centered on meeting attendance.  If you cannot attend please communicate with the Queen and remember to consider the burden of whose responsibility it is to pay for postage.
  • New business.
    • December Meeting - Rebecca will be unable to attend due to a wedding.  But hopefully with Stephanie's help she'll be appearing via FaceTime!
    • For the December Meeting people will be bringing food.  Please go to the Events section of the Facebook page to share what you intend to bring!
    • Board members have been notified via email that there will be a vote at the December meeting concerning continuation with MQG Membership.  Proxy voting is not permitted, however, board members unable to attend the Dec Meeting are encouraged to email the Exec Board their vote.

  • Show and Tell
Charity Quilt Created from the Feather Swap
2014 Fall - Winter 173
2014 Fall - Winter 165
2014 Fall - Winter 169
2014 Fall - Winter 166
2014 Fall - Winter 1672014 Fall - Winter 170
Stephanie's Snowball Quilt with Vintage TMNT Backing!
2014 Fall - Winter 175
2014 Fall - Winter 176
Pam shows us her feather quilt used from the feather swap...
2014 Fall - Winter 181
2014 Fall - Winter 182
Pam's Do Good Stitches Quilt2014 Fall - Winter 177
2014 Fall - Winter 178
2014 Fall - Winter 179
2014 Fall - Winter 180
Marija's Bee Month Blocks (so far...)
2014 Fall - Winter 174
Devon showing us her son's colonial jacket made for their reenactment group
2014 Fall - Winter 1842014 Fall - Winter 1722014 Fall - Winter 168