Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March Meeting Minutes

Meeting 3/21/15
Member in attendance
Gayle, Jan, Sharon, Kim, Boonnie, Victoria, Lisa, Maria, Robi

Guest:  Karin Voorhis

Consortium of NYS - Jan is our spokesperson, Memership is $25/year for our guild to join.  Meetings are quarterly.  Jan will connect with Lisa for details needed to complete forms.

Bee-Round 2 - rules were distributed - Stephanie Cole is coordinator if there are any questions.
Schedule:  April: Stephanie - May: Robi - June: Lisa - July: Victoria - August: Bonnie - September: Jan - October: Pam - November: OFF - December: Marija - January: Noel, February: Gayle - March: Sharon

Fidgit Quilts for Alzheimers patients - Jan brought in a few samples - there are also many in pinterest to check out.  Lisa will accept any that are made & give them to those in need.
This will be this quarters Charity Project

Presentation was done with AccuQuilt - Karin & Kim did demo
Marija's applique demo has been postponed.
April presentation - by Bonnie - she will let Lisa know of the topic.

May Meeting - no meeting unless its done before/after Kenan class.
Kenan Class - uncertantity on details, if we can/should attend, Robi will get back to us.

June - We need a topic/demo for the June meeting - looking for volunteer.

Meeting location changes - We hope to have a quarterly meeting at various local quilt shops, and hoping the owner will do a demo for us.

Upcoming Calender:
April - 4/18/15   April meeting @ Lake Shore Library
May - 5/16/15 - Kenan Guild Activities - May Meeting????
June - 6/6/15- Genesee Valley Quilt Festival
June - 6/20/15 - Family Picnic @ Stephanies home  (June Meeting)
July - 7/18/15 - Fabric Screen painting @ Lisa's home - Meeting

Aug - 8/15/15 - Elmwood Village Fabrics - Meeting & demo

Minutes Taken by Kim, Secretary
Minutes Posted by Rebecca