Monday, May 20, 2013

May Meeting

This past weekend we had our May meeting. It was a small group this month but we covered a lot.  Some highlights:
  1. We need to continue to scout neutral locations for meetings around the area.  This room at the Amherst library worked great so we should check other libraries for spaces as well.
  2. NW Ohio MQG's ArtSpark Challenge
  3. Upcoming quilt shows, and member possible meetups for those attending. (Genessee Valley at the end of May and Chautauqua County at the end of September)
  4. Vote to accept an invitation from an Amherst Quilt Guild to do a chat and trunk show passed, as well as a show opportunity at a LQS.
  5. The Name Tag Challenge for June 15 meeting! Details here.

And now, onto the photos!

New member Rosellen showing here doublesided warm and cool colored quilt.

Rosellen's folded log cabin mini. (This was really cool looking and maybe we should think about making Rosellen teach the group this technique at a future meeting?!)

 Stef showing her Scrap Vomit quilt

Name Tag Challenge!

Ok, members its time to show off you style, in miniature form!

We will have a name tag challenge for our June meeting. Make a quilty name tag that you can wear to meetings that shows off your style. And please, even if you can't make it to the June meeting go ahead and make your name tag and share it on flickr or facebook because we'll be wearing our name tags to all future meetings.

Here's a little inspiration mosaic for you that I found on flickr:

Get started on those name tags and lets remember to remind new members to do the same!