Tuesday, July 15, 2014

July meeting fun

Hi everyone,

We had a wonderful time at our July meeting at Quilter's Heaven in Lakewood!

Huge thank you goes to Janice and everyone in the shop for being such nice hosts - we had great meeting space, plenty of fabric inspirations and delicious food too! 

 Quilter's Heaven is a lovely shop located on beautiful Chautauqua lake, with fabric, yarn, notions... So well worth the drive (that is beautiful in itself!)

We were a disciplined bunch and started with business part of the meeting first!

Here are meeting minutes:

1. Rebecca opened the meeting and informed everyone about the discussions at our executive board meeting: We mainly discussed our future meeting places and schedule. In our first year and a half, meetings spread out all over western NY and at local quilt shops was a great way to introduce our guild, get to know our area and recruit new members. However, constantly moving the meeting place can also be somewhat an inconvenience and obstacle in having a well defined schedule of meetings a year in advance. Since now we are established guild, (yet still very much growing!), we will change this to have meetings in two specific public libraries - one in Southtowns (Eden library) and one in Northtowns, (Williamsville library) alternating every month. Meetings will still be every third Saturday of the month.  Look for the meeting schedule for October-December and next year coming out soon!

2. As we grow as a guild we also need to consider having additional functions in the guild, such as Membership coordinator, Newsletter etc. - so all members (and future ones!) are encouraged to think about this and share their ideas. This also goeas for ANY OTHER IDEAS for the guild you may have!

3. Rebecca informed us that we have a request from Keenan Quilter Guild to give BOTH presentation and a workshop, next year - very exciting!! If you have ideas about what kind of workshop we can do, please share!

4. Feathers from our swap were distributed by Stephanie and Deb graciously volunteered to piece and quilt our charity quilt form feather blocks designated for it - THANK YOU DEB!!

5. Robi distributed Anne's Bee block kits and explained the block, since Anne couldn't come this time.

6. We discussed our upcoming exhibit at the Quilts Around Chautauqua Quilt Show in September too. This is actually fast approaching and everyone is encouraged to have at least one quilt for the show! Please, please!! This is really excellent opportunity to present our guild! Jan had a great suggestion of having nice LABELS for every quilt - these are not the labels that you already have on the back of your quilt, but printed signs with quilt name, size, pattern and any other information you wish to have, that will be pinned to the front of your quilt. Even better - Jan volunteered to make these!! THANK YOU JAN!! However, for this to work, we will have to fill-in registration forms so that she will have something to work with. Jan will make registration forms too!! Hooray!!

On this wonderful note we concluded the business part of the meeting and went on to fun stuff - Show and Tell, food and shopping!! :)

Business part of the meeting:

Robi was showing and explaining Anne's Bee block for next month: 

Time for show and tell!!

Stephanie has her MQG Michael Miller challenge on the way to finish:

And then she up-cycled her old sofa pillows into a small quilt -whoa!

Robi's blooming Nine-patch quilt is just awesome:

And, as per Robi-the Srapmaster, this was not really scrappy enough for her, so the back had to be...

Bonnie made this lovely baby quilt!

And the back is so lovely too:

And this cute pillow with lovely puppy photo transfer:

And finally, yours truly showed my latest finishes, table runners that I also have on my blog (these photos are from before, not the meeting, since I was the meeting photographer) 

This one had a bit of a different finish due to zig-zag edges: no binding, just fluffy chenille zig-zag stitched to the edge.

That is all for now, my friends!
Our next meeting is Saturday, August 16th at 1:00 pm at Jen's house - see you all there!!

Remember - Stay Calm and Quilt On... and have a wonderful week ahead,

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Quilty Math

Quilt Math
Doing some quilt math in preparation for cutting fabric for our banner...