Monday, October 26, 2015

October Meeting Minutes

10/17/15 Meeting @ Eden Library
Attended by:  Lisa, Robi, Gayle, Deb, Noel, and Kim

We had a brief meeting due to low attendance, but wanted to announce the following:

11/7 - Saturday for the Keenan Quilt Show - 
A carpool will begin from Lisa's house in Orchard Park for anyone wanting to attend as a group.
We will leave Lisa's house @ 10:00 am.  I will post on the members page so we can get a count of who would like to carpool.

Future meetings we will be having @ Library with every other month at a local quilt shop.  We may not be continuing with Eden Library.  Lisa will work out a schedule.

November meeting will be held 11/14 (2nd Saturday) instead of third Saturday .  This is a one time meeting date change - and it will be held @ Patchtwork Gardens

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