Monday, April 22, 2013

Inspirations from Cincinnati (modern quilts alert!) and getting to know you

Hello everyone,

happy spring!

First things first - my name is Marija (pronounced the same as Maria :)  ) and I am one of the newer members of the WNY Modern Quilt Guild. I am really thrilled to finally have a group like this in our area and really, really looking forward to meet you all soon. (this Friday? can't wait!)
I will be helping Rebecca with this blog and decided to start with some great eye candy for you all. I was lucky enough to go to the International Quilt Festival in Cincinnati about 10 days ago and of course thrilled to see many amazing quilts - modern quilts shining among them! Festival had couple of designated Modern Quilt exhibits and of course there would be many that can be put in this category even within other exhibits.
Nothing is as seeing these quilts in person, but I will try my best to show you some. Lights at the festival were great for seeing quilts there, but quite difficult for taking pictures...half the time I was doing gymnastics trying to avoid my own shadow! :) I tried to take some close-ups of the quilting or details too, but again - those darn shadows! So here are some quilts:

I hope you can read at least SOME of the quilt's information - those are sometimes just as important as seeing the quilt itself.
The one above I sure hope to see again, when Jackie Gering comes on Friday - it really is fantastic.
Quilting on this quilt was amazing! I hope you can see it above?
Here is some color! Amazingly well done circles, don't you think?
Another one of Jackie's quilts - loved the quilting by Angela Walters!
Pixelated Color Wheel was really mesmerizing! That circular quilting is definitely something I want to try!
 I really loved the colors and composition in this quilt above.

 This one was quite interesting too, don't you think?

I hope these "collages" I made were visible enough for you? If not, leave a comment and I can post more detailed ones - this way I figured I can show more without "flooding" the blog with lots of photos.
Have any of you even been to any of the International Quilt Festivals? Share your thoughts please! If not, I highly recommend the one in Cincinnati - it fairly close to be a nice road trip and quilts there are the same ones that show in Houston or Long Beach and many of the ones in Paducah too - so lots of eye candy and almost overwhelming inspiration!
Oh and did I mention vendors? Oh my....What can I say, see for yourself:

yeah - those were ALL vendors... can you spell "trouble"?? :)
There was another nice exhibit of modern quilts - from the Cincinnati MQG - lets leave those for some next day!
Now back to our own neck of the woods - how about getting to know each other? Fabulous idea, don't you think? So one of our founding members, Rebecca thought it would be great to have interviews with members with of course ample show and tell of their quilts and inspirations - I say, YES PLEASE!
Therefore, announcing " NICE TO MEET YOU!" series of interviews here on WNY MQG blog!!

We will start from our founding members - Rebecca, Karie...and so on. The idea here is also to make this blog more interactive - yes, that means YOU! We want your comments, questions and ideas! All of it! So please don't be shy! :) Star with this post - let us know your thoughts, volunteer to be the next member interviewed, share suggestions and ideas too - thank you in advance!

Stay tuned for premiering interview with Rebecca - tomorrow!

Wishing you plenitude of springtime inspirations,


  1. Thanks for sharing your pics Marija. Wow!! The more I see modern the more I like. Also looking forward to meeting everyone this weekend!

  2. Marija you've out done yourself! Man I wish I could have joined you...dare I say Next Trip?!?? Thank you for rocking the blog!!!

  3. Thank you girls - really love doing this! :)
    Rebecca - yes, definitely next year! It really is a great show and event all together and a bit more doable than Houston, for example. see you friday!