Friday, July 19, 2013

Nice to meet you - Karie! - member interview

 Hi everyone,
it's Marija again! Yes, that you thought fell of the face of Blogosphere... :( 
Sorry for being MIA and dropping the ball on regular blog posts...I promise, promise, promise to do better from now on!! 
So, let's not delay any further, here is our second member interview - let's meet our current VP, Karie!  
Here is a short interview with Karie and of course, lots of show and tell of her beautiful creations:

1. Lets start from basics - how about you in 3 sentences? 
 Hi! I'm Karie Coffey-standing VP of the WNYMQG. I am a newly married 32 year old fabric addict and graphic designer. I am lucky enough to have a job where I get to be creative, sew, and play with fabric most days! 
2. What part of WNY you call home?
I live in the Elmwood Village (which is in downtown Buffalo) 

3. When and how did quilting enter your life? 
I've always been "Crafty" and I have a degree in fine arts...I actually worked in commercial embroidery for 3 years when I lived in Albany- we embroidered corporate apparel and team sports items on HUGE multi head embroidery when I moved back to Buffalo I was looking for a job in the same field. I happened across an ad on craigslist for a sewing and embroidery machine sales job at a Sewing Center/ Quilt Shop which I figured I could probably handle, and I got my current job. I didn't end up being any good at sales ( I actually stink at sales) but I was lucky enough to have a boss who saw that I had other talents she could use so I stuck around! I had never quilted before starting this job, but now I make them like they are going out of style! I work with some really talented ladies so I've been lucky enough to learn from them. 
My first quilt!

4. If you would have to describe WHY you quilt, what would you say? 
Because I can't NOT make quilts. I have a fabric addiction, so making quilts is a great way to scratch the fabric itch. I'm finding myself almost equally drawn to the "Quilting" aspect of quilting as much as the piecing, but I'm still very new in that dept.  

5. What type of quilts (or other sewing items) do you mostly make? 
I'd say I make quilts and bags/pouches mostly, but i've been starting to play with making simple clothing items.  

6. What is your design process? 
 I've realized about myself that I am a pattern (or tutorial) follower and that's OK! I am not afraid to change things up- but for the most part my jumping off point is a tutorial, pattern or image I've seen elsewhere. 

7. What type are you still dreaming to make? 
I'd love to make a double wedding ring quilt at some point. 

8. Do you have a favorite part of the process? 
I think it's starting to become planning out the quilting. I'm not a huge fan of cutting..or tiny piecing...
"Cross It" quilt

 9. How about top 3 inspirations?  
Fabric inspires it lame to say Pinterest? Blogs? Instagram? I follow so many people that I admire in the quilting world (Angela Walters, Elisabeth Hartman, Jacquie Gering ect) and seeing what's going on in their minds inspires me. 

10. Now lets talk about your fabric addiction (no denying here!) - size of your stash? favorite type or designer? where you love to shop - local, internet, shows? Oh and any  good 12-step program you can recommend? 
My stash is 3 shelves worth...not GIANT but not tiny for sure. I buy a little bit online, I love Hawthorne Threads and Pinkchalk Fabrics, but since I work at a Quilt Shop I'd say I do most of my buying there ;) Mostly I buy quilting weight cottons, but i'm itching to get my hands on some voile to make a Washi Dress. 
"Scout" quilt

11. Do you love to take classes and workshops? What are the things you would still love to learn?
 I primarily learn from my coworkers and online. I don't take many classes...I don't have a very long attention span  ;) 

12. Traditional quilts - any opinion, inspiration, favorites?
 My theory on "traditional" quilting is this; When I studied art history in college we learned that many of the artists who started "different" styles of painting ( abstract, etc) had strong classical training. They COULD paint perfect technically correct paintings, but chose not to. I think Modern quilters should be the same way. I think it's important to have a strong foundation of skills to build from. Making "traditional" quilts is sometime a much more precise process, and it's good to know you could have perfectly matching points in your quilts if you wanted to  ;) 
Christmas quilt

13. Modern quilts - love them all? still exploring? 
Loving most- I think some people are getting away with a lot. I mean if it makes you happy great, but I appreciate quilts that I can see the effort in.  

14. How did you get interested in Modern Quilt movement/ style? How does it speak to you? 
I think falling in love with "modern" fabric and needing projects that worked with them brought me to Modern Quilting. Attending Quilt Market last spring and seeing Angela Walters quilting on Tula Pinks quilts in person really opened my eyes to it though. The really cool thing about Modern Quilting is that when the piecing becomes simpler the quilting really can become the star of the show. See Angela's work on Tula Pinks quilts HERE. 

15. How about WNY MQG - what are your hopes and wishes for this quilting community? 
For a long time I felt like I was alone in this area of WNY. I hadn't found people who got excited about the things that excited me. It's SO energizing to be around people who love this stuff as much as I do. Growing the WNY community of people like that...that's what I hope for! 

16. Show and tell time! YAY!!  Tell us about few of your quilts and please share some photos! 
Here are few more of my quilts:
Quilt for Eli

Quilt for Quinlon:

Quilt for Tyler
 Quilts made as shop samples:


Seeing Squares 
Tumbler quilt:
One of my favorite quilts:

And here is my wedding quilt:

17. Answering Rebecca's question, from her interview: What is your all time favorite fabric collection that you would forfeit the rest of your stash to get your hands on? 
I have always loved Heather Ross's Mendocino collection.

18. And here is Karie's question for all of you:
Tell us about your quilty friends? Are you the only one of your friends who quilts? 

Marija here again - that is a great question Karie, can't wait to see what everyone says! Let's hear it everyone... :)
 It was so nice to meet you Karie! LOVE your quilts and specially beautiful quilting! Can't wait to see some more new creations in the future.

Now I am off to finish my name tag to bring to our meeting tomorrow...Are you all already done with that one? ;)

See you tomorrow and have a wonderful weekend,


  1. Awesome interview! I'm so happy to see so much of your work Karie... And to answer your question, my Quilty friend is my mother-in-law and now the people I know through WNYMQG!

  2. I didn't have any "real life" quilty friends until I joined the guild! And I only have 2 friends who do any sewing at all, one of whom lives all the way in CA.