Wednesday, January 29, 2014

February Activity: Craft Clean Out!

Ok everyone, in the name of starting fresh for the new year lets clean out our craft spaces and give that junk we don't use a new home!

So here's the plan. At he February meeting we'll have a table set up for everyone to put put their crafty, quilty, sewing stuff that you don't want for someone else to take for free. But please, don't bring things to sell, just the stuff you want to GIVE AWAY. (Though a crafty "garage sale" isn't a bad idea, and we'll do a version of this where you can sell things at a future time!)

So, all that stuff that you don't want anymore but can't bear to throw away, and you want it to go to a good home for free... bring it to our February meeting (Sunday Feb 23 1pm, Orchard Park Library) and let someone else take it!

And if you want to post a picture of what you've got to our flickr group so people can get some ideas of what will be there, even better!

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