Wednesday, May 28, 2014

May meeting photos and stories...

Hi everyone,

 I confess that this green color takes my breath away EVERY year, over an over....

I am finally getting around to write this blog post!
My life has been busy and exciting these past weeks, so much so that I was late for the May meeting (have a good excuse, I promise - but more about that later!), and forgot my camera too!! - so for this meeting's photo journal I am grateful for all the wonderful photos taken by other members (thank you Robi and Jan!). To add to that - I was so overjoyed and excited once I came to the meeting that I completely forgot to write down meeting minutes too! Oh my.... total failure of the official...

Sew, what's going on you may ask? Well, if you haven't heard already (now that would be a miracle, since I practically shouted from the rooftops and harassed everyone in my reach) - I became a grandmother!!! YEAH! Our beautiful Juliana Marie Vujcic was born just few days before our May meeting (now you see my excuse??) and she is the most beautiful little girl I have ever seen!

But if that wasn't enough joy - on Saturday, when I finally made it to our meeting - I got another surprise!! Yup - this my silly, surprised face and some tears too...
 All of my wonderful, amazing, creative WNY MQG friends MADE A QUILT FOR ME AND JULIANA!! AAAHHHHH!!!! To say I am thrilled, overjoyed and grateful is all the understatement galore.
Isn't it beautiful???
Everyone made a star block AND a lovely, lovely label for the back:

This quilt will stay in grandma's house, for all the snuggles and stories and songs...CAN'T WAIT!!!
I even have a rocking chair, where it lives now.
I smile every morning when I get up and see it!! 
So, once more - thank you everyone, from the bottom of my heart!! Love you put into these stitches is going to wrap around our precious granddaughter like a cape of strength and love, the most precious gift. :)
And for even more photos, you can click HERE, to see the story on my blog.

OK, of course other things happened at the meeting too, ha ha!
Lets get right away to all the fun of Show and Tell:

Anne's beautiful work in progress
 Anne is discussing her progress and thoughts? :)
Anne also brought her lovely mom to join us - what pleasure!!

Rebecca's work in progress:
I love those "whispering" colors! And so much good quilting space too!
Janice's colorful, cheerful quilt:
 Pam's latest creation:

You can read more about Pam's circles on her blog too! And I really, really like the label!!

Another one of Pam's beauties:
 LOVE that quilting:

Robi - The ScrapMaster finished another stunner!

 Nice quilting too!
This month's Queen Bee is Kim and here is what we will be making for her - what fun!!
And all over good time was had by all...

Now my friends, if you are wondering what was the business part of the meeting (aka - the minutes), I would have to apologize again - I was just too excited and overwhelmed with joy! :) But in some informal form, here is what we talked about:

1. Reminder that Feather blocks for our swap are due next month! Steph is collecting them only at the picnic and will divide and deliver them at July meeting.

2. June meeting/family picnic!! Don't miss the fun and - bring your family! Look at the pinned (up on top!) post at out Facebook Page to leave a comment on what you want to bring (food-wise). Visitors and potential members are welcome!!

3. Next MQG Challenge - fabric was divided to all paid members at April meeting and we did realize that MQG did not send us enough for everyone... However - it seems that everyone who WANTED to do the challenge has the fabric, so all is well. Also, few of us are willing to share, if you didn't get it and still want it - so please speak up!

4. Think, plan and quilt - for our next quilt show exposure - Quilting Around Chautauqua 2014!! Anne will have more information and details as it is set. Last year's road trip/meeting there was fabulous and this one will be so much better since we will have OUR quilts in the show - YAY!!

Well, that is all this bad secretary can remember folks. Promise to get my brain back and do better next month! :)
Enjoy spring in full swing, keep calm and quilt on,

PS - stop and smell the lilacs every chance you have!
 Look up to see this stunning green!!
 Peonies will be blooming soon!! (these are from the Gullo's nursery I visited over the weekend...droool...)

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