Friday, April 10, 2015

WNYMQG Bee - Round 2 Intro

With the 2nd Round of our bee starting this month, I thought I'd post a recap of the rules and schedule. I will also post the block instructions every month in case so everyone else interested in the tutorial can use it! Be sure to bring your bee quilt to show and tell whenever you finish it so we can feature it here. And remember the golden rule of quilting bees - sew for others as you'd want to be sewn for you!

APRIL - Stephanie
MAY - Robi
JUNE - Lisa
JULY - Pam
AUGUST - Bonnie
OCTOBER - Victoria
MARCH - Sharon

1. This is a WNYMQG bee, so be prepared to attend meetings in order to be a member in the bee. For each month a Queen Bee will choose a block from (a) online tutorials or (b) 500 Quilt Blocks. The requested block should be two (2) blocks measuring at 12” finished each (12.5" unfinished). **You must make a sample block ahead of time to ensure measurements are correct for the pattern you are requesting.** As Queen you shall bring your sample block to the meeting of your assigned month to share with the group, pass around, allow questions to be asked.

2. No later than the WNYMQG meeting date of your Queen month you must share your choice specifying colors, block pattern and or background. Be prepared to bring your block and ideas to the WNYMQG to share with the bee members as well as post via the WNYMQG Flickr group. Start a new discussion thread in Flickr during the same weekend you share your block at the meeting. Thread title ex "March Bee Block". Share all the pertinent info people need to know. Be sure to email anyone who was not at the meeting if you have to get fabric to them to make arrangements.NEW: Please provide an electronic copy (or link) of your instructions and pictures of your sample to Stephanie by the meeting date of your month to be posted to the blog. 

3. Only modern 100% cotton fabric is to be used in the blocks.

4. As Queen you have two fabric options for your assignment:
a) Assign a project using your own stash. Bring your stash and divvy out fabric to the bees for your project to be completed with the fabric you’ve selected and provided. Great way to get those “I want to do to this quilt top but haven’t gotten around to making all those blocks” projects out of the way with the support of the Guild.
b) Scrappy project. Ask bee members to pick from their own stash to complete your project. You can specify general colors or refuse colors but you cannot be overly specific in your color requests. (ie: I would like green fabrics but prefer brighter greens. Don’t say: Please use lime green.) Requests that are too specific may require you to bring in your own scraps for members to use.

5. You may appoint different blocks to different individuals but it MUST be organized and it needs to be clear who is doing what. This can be done via a list in the Flickr Group or via a Google Doc. 

6. Unless you’ve provided background fabric for members to use you may ask bees to use the following background choices for your month:
a) Kona White
b) Kona Charcoal
c) Kona Ash

7. Blocks are to be brought to WNYMQG meetings to be given to the Queen in the month following her assigned month. Life happens and sometimes we aren’t able to attend every meeting - please be courteous and ask the Queen if you can give it to her at a subsequent meeting or if she’d like them mailed to her. If you can not make a meeting it is your responsibility to make sure the Queen gets her blocks.

8. Signatures blocks are at the option of the Queen Bee. Queen Bees please notify us whether you'd like a Siggy Block and which one you'd recommend us creating. [This is a popular example, but you may use any you like if you chose to have people make them:]

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