Monday, November 18, 2013

November meeting and outing

Hi everyone,

well, this weekend was just superb!
For me, it started with Friday night fun with our grand-puppy Oliver who was over for some puppy-sitting and play with big boy Marley...
 (this was finally some snuggle time, after about 3 hours or running around! )
... finished with some good sewing and making a yummy quince preserve with my husband on Sunday night...
... and then as a complete highlight, right smack in the middle was our Saturday meeting and field trip to Albright-Knox Art Gallery and Burchfield-Penney Art Center, topped off with a great lunch at Betty's - can you spell A-H-M-A-Z-I-N-G?? ( obviously I can't spell it...he he)

Seriously now - we are so very fortunate to have such amazing places like Albright-Knox, Birchfield-Penny and so many others too - but do we use/appreciate it as much as we could (or should)? Hmmm....I know for me the answer is no, but that can change of course! How do we become so complaisant of good things that are right under our nose...? Food for thought, for sure - but lets get to some fun stuff now - PHOTOS!!! :)
 Here we are:

You do agree that these steps we were standing on are THE perfect spot for a group photo, right?
Here are few more I couldn't resist:

And then there was art...

Very interesting and visually amazing (yet so simple!) light installation that changes with time and seasons (according to specific instructions from the artist). Its reflections on the floor and on the windows across were beautiful part of the experience:

And there was an ode to Albers too:

...and some classics, like Georgia (although not an expected one from her, at least for me)

However, for me the most breathtaking one of all when it comes to modern, abstracts, was this one:

Of course, that is just my personal choice, but I was fascinated with colors gradations, visual play, effects and even the literal depiction of the title - Fog! need to find and see more of her work now...
Too bad that NW Ohio MQG Art Spark Challenge is over - this piece would be my choice! :) Speaking of Art Spark Challenge, HERE is what they did - cool!

So if you think Albright-Knox was an amazing inspiration and experience, wait till you see Birchfield-Penny visit! The title of the surrent exhibit is so close to my heart: ART in CRAFTS. I think I am going back soon for another take...
However, I am afraid for your visual/inspiration overload my friends,  :)  so I will leave that for soon-to-come next post!

In the meantime - if you can tell from photos above, what is your favorite piece? Anything that sparks the inspiration instantly? Please share!
Have a wonderful Monday,

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  1. I had no idea they had a Jackson Pollock! I definitely need to go... So is anyone doing a challenge from this visit or was it just for fun?