Thursday, April 3, 2014

March meeting fun

Hi everyone,

finally getting my act together to post photos, minutes and fun from our March meeting. This cold weather winter hold-up seemed to "freeze" me up too - falling way behind on my blogging.

But guess what? Houston - we have a...BLOOMS!
Spring DID come after all!
Don't get me wrong, I really have nothing against winter - my snow-loving dog keeps me enjoying outside, my quilting keeps me loving time inside, so no problems! :) But seasons just have to change...and eagerly awaiting each new one is just our human nature, right?
Speaking of nature - did you see that baby-moon two nights ago? Just beautiful!

Inspired already? :)
I will leave you to use that inspiration any way you want, while I go back to some business here...
March meeting! It was  just so much fun!
Besides the business stuff, great show and tell and even a yummy lunch, our artistic mentor (un-officially) and VP for events (officially), Anne, gave us a mini version of her wonderful class, Motif Workshop - developing your own design motifs from inspirational images. Thank you Anne, for such fun and enlightening time! 
But lets start from the beginning.
Rebecca was quick and efficient in getting the business part of the meeting done and here is what we discussed:
WNY MQG March meeting minutes:
1. Rebecca opened the meeting at 10:35am. We had several new visitors and potential members - the larges number of attendees so far, hooray!

2. Reminders for the submissions for the Amherst Quilters Guild quilt show:
                        - finish your entries!
                        - we will have special WNY MQG labels printed on fabric, ordered by Rebecca from Spoonflower web site, however the question is if they will arrive on time. If yes, they will be sent in the mail to everyone who wants them (envelopes passed around to address and give back to Rebecca)
                        - discussion was held about visiting the show as a group - a great idea! Saturday was picked as a good day, right around the show opening (10am). See you all there!

3. Making a WNY MQG banner:
                        - Marija will try to make a "pattern" in EQ software so that templates/ instructions can be printed
                        - we can easily "devide and conquer" the piecing and appliqueing the letters
                        - MQG Kona bundle of solids will be purchased by the Guild for this
                        - we will have signature flags (each new member will sign one) to be added to the banner as the guild grows

4. Discussion about guild's expenditures
                       - what should our money be spent on? We will have a Google document with all the ideas so that members can add or vote for what they like
                       - it is in our bylaws that executive board can make purchases for the guild to up to $100

5. April meeting is at Creekside Fabrics and quilts shop, in Arcade, NY

6. New MQG challenge - there was no new updates from the MQG yet

7. Bee proposal:
                       - we all got printed rules for the Bee so that everyone can decide if they want to participate
                       - sign-up for the Bee is on our Flickr page - sign-up by commenting on that discussion. So, go and do it! It will be fun!

This concluded the business part of the meeting and then we had some fabulous show and tell!!
Take a look:

 Of course Pam made some amazing cookies again!
 And we all wished our Anne a happy, happy birthday!!
After that, some serious fun followed with Anne and her workshop and I was just way too busy having fun to take any photos! (sorry!) Maybe next meeting we will have some of those at show and tell?

So, hope to see you all next week at the Amherst Quilters Guild bi-annual quilt show - we will have quite a few WNY MQG member quilts there, in addition to all other beautiful quilts, vendors (lots of vendors girls!), food and free demos!

 After that, see you all at our April meeting - it is Saturday, April 26, at 1:00 pm at Creekside Fabrics, Quilts and Yarns, in Arcade, NY.

Wishing you all springtime inspirations and lots of sunshine,

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  1. Thanks for posting. It's great to revisit all the fabulous work everyone does!