Wednesday, April 16, 2014

WNY MQG showed at a quilt show!

Hi everyone,

are you enjoying spring yet?
I know, I know...we had snow yesterday...but that is just a snafu! Stay positive! ;)
Not sure about you, but I am still smiling from all the visual impact, inspiration and just plain fun of the Quilt Show and hanging out together!
I am so, so happy that so many of you decided to enter your beautiful quilts into this year's Amherst Quilters Guild quilt show - we had a wonderful display of modern quilts and everyone noticed it!! YAY!!
So let's see some photos!!
Here are some general photos when we were still hanging quilts (all WNY MQG quilts were grouped as close as it could be done):

Isn't that an awesome display of WNY MQG talent??

And then it was time for some fun, on Saturday morning when many members came to see the show - so first things first, group photo!! (thanks to Rebecca's hubby Justin for all his patience! :)  )
On to seeing the quilts! Marcia was telling us all about her quilting here:
And some wonderful quilting she did!

See that snazzy label? They didn't come in time to be stitched but from now on we will all have them - HOORAY!
Here is some more beauties:

 Steph's quilt had a wrong label unfortunately...somehow the change wasn't processed in time :(

Isn't Pam's quilting just fabulous? Here too was an unfortunate mistake - apparently museum did not process Pam's registration, hence no proper label, and I was just determined to have this quilt in the show no matter what!
So big apologies go to Pam and let's hope this will never happen again!

Cheryl's Kona Card:

 Rosellen got an award for her classic beauty:

 Anne's amazing creations (left and center right):
 Robi's improv gorgeousness (that I don't have a very good photo of!! sorry Robi!!)
 Robi, Rosellen and my friend Martha's quilts (in that order):
somehow I missed to take better photos of those 3 above... anyone has better? (send them my way so I can correct my sloppiness! )

 Karie's garden beauty:

Karie got Vendor's Choice award - congrats Karie!

Janice's Octopi...yes, with a First place award!! woo-hoo, CONGRATS Janice!!

There were of course so many, many more beautiful creations. You can see more on my personal blog and on the Amherst Guild blog for now and I will post some more here too.
All in all - what a great weekend! Now on to dreaming new quilts, finishing current ones and getting ready to show them again this fall in Chautauqua - right?

For all of you who visited the show this weekend - what are your impressions? How did you like it? Did you do any damage with vendors? (I didn't! NONE! - can you believe it??)

Hope to see you all at the next meeting - next Saturday!!
Have a lovely Wednesday and enjoy the spring!

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